There are 3 ways for students to enter or qualify for the PHSSL State Tournament:

  1. Bid Qualification: Earn a minimum of 3 bids in any single event and be selected by their school to compete at the PHSSL State Tournament. 
  2. District Qualification: Place at or above the threshold at their local District Qualifier Tournament. Thresholds are determined by the number of competitors present at the qualifying tournament (not counting entries that have qualified with bids).
  3. Non-Qualifying Events: Be selected by their school to compete in any PHSSL Non-Qualifying Events —Impromptu, News Broadcast, Extemp Debate, or House (if a bill is submitted by the deadline).

More information on each of the above methods can be found in the PHSSL Bylaws.


The sign-up method for each process is as follows:

  1. Bid Qualification

    All current bids are posted online and updated periodically. Please check the page to ensure that the number of bids is correct. If you have a bid that is not yet shown, please use the Submit-A-Bid Form to enter your bid information. SCHOOLS MUST HAVE PAID THEIR PHSSL DUES TO SUBMIT A BID. All submitted bids will be verified and posted. Posted bids are subject to change if any errors or discrepancies are found. A list of final confirmed bids will be posted prior to the PHSSL State Tournament.

    No sign-up is required, entries will automatically be added to the tournament from the list of qualified entries.  If a school has more than 4 competitor entries that have earned 3 or more bids, the head coach of that school must select the 4 competitors that will be attending the PHSSL State Competition.

    Additionally, if a school has a competitor that has qualified in multiple events, or has a competitor that has qualified but will be unable to attend the PHSSL State Competition, the head coach of that school should contact PHSSL immediately to notify them of the event selection or drop.

  2. District Qualification

    Schools must sign up for their District Qualifiers in Tabroom. All qualifying entries will be directly imported into the PHSSL State Tournament. No additional sign-up is required.

    If a school has a competitor that qualified but is no longer able to attend, the head coach of that school should contact their District Chair to inform them as soon as possible. The next qualifying entry from the District Qualifier will then be automatically added to the State Tournament.

  3. Non-Qualifying Events

    All PHSSL member schools are able to submit one (1) competitor entry per event in Non-Qualifying events. To sign-up for these events please visit and register the competitors. These competitors may be add/dropped or changed.