If you run into any issues during the Tournament (regardless of if you’re a coach, student, judge, or otherwise innocent bystander), please TEXT, DO NOT CALL, one of the help lines below. Include the following information when contacting the Help Lines:

    • Event

    • Room Number

    • Issue (if someone is missing, tell us who)

Speech & Congress Help Line


Debate Help Line



Click this link or view the image below.


The 2024 PHSSL State Championships will be held on March 15th & 16th (Friday & Saturday).

A full list of accommodations in the Bloomsburg area can be accessed through this link.

Board Nominations are now available. You can nominate yourself or another person through this link.

Congress legislation can be found on the State Tournament Tabroom website and on this website under the “Topic Areas” tab.

An online version of the printed program is available at this link.

The PHSSL Store and Snack Bar will be open from 9a to 3p on Friday and Saturday in Centennial Hall. The store will offer PHSSL Swag and food items for sale. The store only accepts cash.

For Sweepstakes information, please see Section S26 of the State Standing Rules. 

Please check back for additional information and updates.


Registration is due by Friday March 8 at 1:00 PM EST. Changes are due by Tuesday, March 12th at 4:00pm.


As in the past few years, registration and tabulation will be taking place exclusively through All schools who plan to attend the tournament must go to the PHSSL State Championships tournament ( and follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Register” tab at the top of the page (should be the 4th Tab).
  2. Read the Notes/Disclaimer (which only pop up the first time), the click “I understand and agree” to proceed.
  3. After reading information on qualifying, scroll down to the section titled “Region” and select your school’s respective District (aka “Region” in Tabroom). Make sure to click “Save”.
  4. Ensure the correct contact is listed under the “Contact Information” section. If you need to correct any information, do so and click the “Save Contacts” button.


All competitors that have qualified via bids or via their respective District tournament will automatically be registered to the Tournament after their school has completed the steps above. We need all schools in a District to complete the necessary steps before any competitors can be added from the respective District Qualifier.

If you have followed the above steps and registered your school, but do not see your entries that have qualified from the District qualifying tournament, please reach out to your District chair

To register competitors in non-qualifying events, please follow these steps after you have completed the School Registration above:

  1. Click on the PHSSL State Championships tournament on, then select the “Entries” Tab (should be the 4th tab on the page).
  2. Select a non-qualifying event from the dropdown menu on the top right of the page.
  3. If the entry is already on your roster, select them from your list of competitors using the dropdown menu, then click the blue “Add Entry” button. If you do not have the competitor on your roster yet, click the yellow “Add New Competitors to Roster” button underneath the dropdown.
  4. You may also add a TBA slot in any non-qualifying event if you know that you will be filling the slot, but you do not know with which student yet.

If you are not entering two students in News Broadcasting, you have the option to enter ONE additional student into a single-competitor non-qualifying event (Congress House, Extemp Debate, or Impromptu). To elect for this option, please make sure that you have done the following:

  • Ensure that you have no one entered in News Broadcasting
  • Enter only one student onto the waitlist for Congress House, Extemp Debate, or Impromptu

On March 10th (the day after Registration closes), the tournament administrators will go through and ensure that the aforementioned conditions are met, then admit the waitlisted competitors into the tournament.


If you are dropping a student from a non-qualifying event or one that has qualified through bids, you may enter your drops without notifying anyone. If you are dropping a student that has qualified via a District Qualifier please send that information to District chairs. This will allow us to more efficiently add runners up from District tournaments.


All judges are expected to be available FOR THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT.  If you have judges splitting an assignment either for Friday and Saturday or even partial times during the day, Tabroom should automatically take this into account and accurately reflect your coverage. If you believe the calculated burden is incorrect, please email to verify. Fees will be levied against schools that fail to cover their burden on all days.

Per Pennsylvania law, all judges must have a their Clearances. You can find instructions and requirements on the DHS website.


Instructions for entering judges into Debate events:

  1. For each debate event, there will be one judge required per two entries (in a team event, two competitors constitute one entry).
  2. For an odd number of entries, an additional judge is still required to cover the extra entry (e.g. 3 entries in an event require 2 judges).
  3. Requirements DO NOT crossover between events, including Extemp Debate (a change from past years). For example, if you have 3 entries in Lincoln Douglas and 1 entry in Extemp Debate, you will need 2 judges to cover the 3 entries in Lincoln Douglas and 1 separate judge to cover the entry in Extemp Debate.
  4. Please rate all judges using the system on Tabroom. This will help us use judges with adequate experience in break rounds.
  5. In order to have adequate coverage, judges are typically used in multiple events (e.g. a Lincoln Douglas judge may be used in a Public Forum round). If there is a debate event that a particular judge does not feel comfortable judging, please indicate that in the judge notes section.


Instructions for entering judges into Speech and/or Congress events:

  1. There will be one judge required per three entries (in a team event, two competitors constitute one entry).
  2. To calculate the required number of judges, divide the total number of Speech and Congress entries by 3 and round up (e.g. 11 competitors in Speech would require 4 judges).
  3. Judge requirements crossover between all Speech and Congress events.
  4. Please rate all judges using the system on Tabroom. This will help us use judges with adequate experience in break rounds.
  5. In order to have adequate coverage, judges are typically used in multiple events (e.g. a Congress judge may be used in Speech rounds during their downtime). If there is an event-type (Speech or Congress, nothing more granular) that a judge does not feel comfortable judging, please indicate that in the judge notes section. A judge is unable to opt out of specific Speech events.


PHSSL will have a limited number of hired judges available for the State Championship. Please let us know ASAP because as we approach the start of the tournament, finding available judges becomes increasingly difficult.
Judge sharing is prohibited between schools. A school qualifying students to the State Tournament MUST provide at least one judge; additional judges may be available for hire in some events on a first come, first served basis. No judges may be hired for Policy Debate or LD; judges hired for other events will be pro-rated based on the availability of judges; any hired judges past one will be at the discretion of the tournament committee. If extra debate judges are available, schools may hire those judges at the rate of $125/day. Speech and congress judges, if they are available, may be hired at the rate of $90 per entry with no overage credits.


There will be a $75 fine per missed round. Tabroom sends both an email and a text message to all judges notifying them of their rounds. It is especially important that judges pay attention to round start times and check Tabroom for a round. Tournament officials are not responsible for judges not receiving blasts via texts or emails, so make sure judges are checking their emails (Tabroom text alerts seem to be a little problematic for some people, but emails have never been an issue).

Please ensure that your judge has the correct email and phone number on their account. Additionally, please make sure that your judges do not have the settings that block texts and emails from Tabroom. The setting is found on each person’s Tabroom profile (when logged into Tabroom, click on Profile at the very top next to your email address).

Schools are not responsible for fines on any hired judges. These fines may be levied by Tournament officials in order to keep track of missed rounds but the fines will not be imposed upon schools.

Tournament Costs

Entry Fees

  • All PHSSL dues must be paid to attend the tournament.
  • $25 per person entry fee for each student entered ($50 for partner events).
  • $50 “nuisance” fee for add/drops after the deadline, no fee for adds/drops prior to the deadline.

Judge Fees

  • Hires: $250 per judge for two full days in all pools except Sp/Cong/Ex Deb.  Speech and Congress judges are hired at the rate of $90 per entry. Extemp Debate judges are hired at the rate of $125. To hire a judge for 1 day, please email for a manual adjustment. First come, first serve.
  • Extra Judges: $50 invoice credit per judge to schools that bring a full judge over their required quota. Judges will be paid $200 by PHSSL to judge. First come, first serve until enough judges are hired.
  • No Shows: Schools will be fined $50 per judge per round for no-shows. This does not apply if the person is a Hired judge.
  • Missing Judges: $300 per judge under the quota. If you have not signed up for a hired judge, the assumption is that you will be bringing/entering a judge by the start of the tournament. This fee will show up on your invoice until you have a sufficient number of judges entered (or hires requested/approved).

Meal Fees

  • Friday Lunch: $15
  • Friday Dinner: $17
  • Saturday Lunch: $15
  • All meals are available to any individual, whether they are participating in the tournament or not.