2024 PHSSL State Bids


Bids for all students in PA schools are listed in the dropdown section below. All tournaments listed under “Pulled Tournaments” have had their results pulled and aggregated.

If you see a discrepancy, please first double check the “Pulled Tournaments” and make sure that all of the tournaments that a competitor has participated in have been pulled. If the tournament hasn’t been pulled, please go the the Submit a Bid page to send in the bid for that competitor. If the tournament(s) has/(have) been pulled already and the total # of bids is incorrect, please use the Contact page to reach out and let us know.

Bids submitted up to the date listed on the dropdown below have been processed. If you have submitted a bid before that time and the total bids do not add up to the correct number as of that date, then reach out to us.

If there is an issue with a bid submitted, the Head Coach of the school will be notified.

DateTournament Name
2023-08-26The Genesis Challenge
School NameCompetitor NameEventBidsQual'd (Y/N)Bid 1Bid 2Bid 3
Upper St ClairUjal GuatamSEN1No2nd @ The Genesis Tournament
Upper St ClairAshe Sobel-DrumSEN1No3rd @ The Genesis Tournament