2022 PHSSL State Bids


Bids for all students in PA schools are listed in the dropdown section below. All tournaments listed under “Pulled Tournaments” have had their results pulled and aggregated.

CONGRESS IS CALCULATED MANUALLY AND STILL NEEDS TO BE UPDATED. If a Congress competitor has earned a bid from a tournament listed under “Pulled Tournaments”, please DO NOT submit the bid, it will be manually pulled. If the Tournament is not listed under “Pulled Tournaments”, then follow the instructions below.

If you see a discrepancy, please first double check the “Pulled Tournaments” and make sure that all of the tournaments that a competitor has participated in have been pulled. If the tournament hasn’t been pulled, please go the the Submit a Bid page to send in the bid for that competitor. If the tournament(s) has/(have) been pulled already and the total # of bids is incorrect, please use the Contact page to reach out and let us know.

Bids submitted up to December 14th, 2021 have been processed. If you have submitted a bid before that time and the total bids do not add up to the correct number as of that date, then reach out to us.

If there is an issue with a bid submitted, the Head Coach of the school will be notified.

Pulled Tournaments
DateTournament Name
2021-09-17 00:00:00Yale
2021-10-08 00:00:00PCFL 1
2021-10-15 00:00:00NYC Invitational
2021-10-21 00:00:00Des Moines Tournavelt
2021-10-30 00:00:00Phillipsburg
2021-11-05 00:00:00William Tennent
2021-11-06 00:00:00M&M Invitational
2021-11-13 00:00:00Moon Area
2021-11-13 00:00:00Dallastown Wildcat
2021-11-13 00:00:00Capitol Beltway Fall
2021-11-17 00:00:00Shady Side
2021-11-19 00:00:00Villiger 42
2021-11-20 00:00:00PFYD Fall
2021-12-01 00:00:00Pgh Winter
2021-12-03 00:00:00Princeton
2021-12-04 00:00:00Springboard Dec
2021-12-08 00:00:00N Catholic
2021-12-10 00:00:00Ridge Debate
2021-12-11 00:00:00Summit
2021-12-17 00:00:00Holiday Classic
2021-12-18 00:00:00La Salle
2022 Current Bids (updated: 12/14/2021)
School NameCompetitor NameEventBidsQual'd (Y/N)Bid 1Bid 2Bid 3
Bishop CanevinElla WhalenPR1No5th @ N Catholic
Bishop ShanahanGabriella PalmerOI1No2nd @ La Salle
CR NorthPinelope DonovanPO1No1st @ William Tennent
CR NorthChan & HonerPF1No2nd @ PCFL 1
CR NorthPinelope DonovanOI1No2nd @ Villiger 42
CR NorthKyra MayerEX1No2nd @ Dallastown Wildcat
DallastownKori ThompsonPO1No1st @ Dallastown Wildcat
DallastownKirby & LowryPF1No3rd @ Dallastown Wildcat
Downingtown EASTGupta & RoyPF1No3rd @ PCFL 1
Fox Chapel AreaIsabella WhiteLD1No3rd @ Shady Side
Gwynedd MercyAva HarvestPER3QUAL4th @ Villiger 422nd @ Princeton1st @ La Salle
Holy Ghost PrepVyn LeOO1No3rd @ Yale
JR MastermanAnastasi & ChanceyPF3QUAL1st @ PCFL 11st @ Dallastown Wildcat2nd @ La Salle
JR MastermanKeenan & EggertsPF1No5th @ Dallastown Wildcat
JR MastermanAnastasi & DoylePF1No1st @ PFYD Fall
JR MastermanMiller & CoopermanPF1No1st @ La Salle
JR MastermanKeenan & CohenPF1No3rd @ La Salle
JR MastermanDoyle & AlbergoPF1No4th @ La Salle
La SalleSam PerryPO2No3rd @ Yale1st @ NYC Invitational
La SalleZach WhitingLD2No1st @ PCFL 14th @ La Salle
La SalleSebastian BarnesEX2No1st @ PCFL 12nd @ Springboard Dec
La SalleAlex SorginiEX2No1st @ William Tennent1st @ Princeton
La SalleSam PerryOI1No1st @ La Salle
La SalleTheodore PeeblesLD1No5th @ La Salle
La SalleSam PerryDI1No1st @ La Salle
Mars Area School DistrictMilk & KargDUO1No1st @ N Catholic
McDowellJaxon SmithPER1No1st @ N Catholic
MercerAlexandra SchusterOO1No2nd @ N Catholic
MercerAlexander HamiltonHI1No2nd @ N Catholic
New OxfordCassidy McNewPR1No1st @ Dallastown Wildcat
North AlleghenyScott & BaiPF2No1st @ Moon Area3rd @ Shady Side
North AlleghenyLamees SubeirLD2No2nd @ Shady Side3rd @ N Catholic
North AlleghenyBellamkonda & MallikPF1No2nd @ Moon Area
North AlleghenyMercader & TirmiziPF1No3rd @ Moon Area
North AlleghenyNagarajan & MallikPF1No1st @ Shady Side
North AlleghenyPerera & KomaragiriPF1No3rd @ N Catholic
North AlleghenyPerera & JainPF1No2nd @ Holiday Classic
North AlleghenyDivya SekarOO1No3rd @ Moon Area
North AlleghenyHallie DongOO1No2nd @ Shady Side
North AlleghenyHallie DongINF1No1st @ N Catholic
North CatholicMadeline HurrayPO2No1st @ Shady Side1st @ N Catholic
North CatholicJordan DilleyDI2No1st @ Shady Side1st @ N Catholic
North CatholicPaulina BradleyPR1No4th @ N Catholic
Oakland CatholicMadeline SclichterPR1No2nd @ Shady Side
Our Lady of the Sacred HeartChloe WalzPO1No2nd @ Pgh Winter
PennsburyAmanda QuINF4QUAL1st @ Dallastown Wildcat1st @ William Tennent1st @ Villiger 42
PennsburyGabrielle BamberskiLD3QUAL2nd @ PCFL 13rd @ Dallastown Wildcat6th @ Villiger 42
PennsburyEllie HanLD3QUAL2nd @ Dallastown Wildcat4th @ Villiger 421st @ La Salle
PennsburySamarth MannikeriEX1No2nd @ PCFL 1
PennsburyDaniel KimHI2No2nd @ Dallastown Wildcat1st @ La Salle
Peters TownshipSamhitha SantebennurPR1No3rd @ Moon Area
Pine-RichlandNi & SethiPF3QUAL1st @ M&M Invitational2nd @ Shady Side1st @ N Catholic
Pine-RichlandMiles BrownEX2No1st @ M&M Invitational1st @ Moon Area
Pine-RichlandMegan FinneyPO1No3rd @ N Catholic
Pine-RichlandKiana StrahotinOO1No2nd @ Moon Area
Pine-RichlandSreyashi MondalOO1No1st @ Shady Side
Pine-RichlandKesar SampatOO1No3rd @ Shady Side
Pine-RichlandJohn VargheseLD1No1st @ M&M Invitational
Pine-RichlandKorey MooreLD1No1st @ Moon Area
Pittsburgh AllderdiceZimmerman & SchererPF1No4th @ William Tennent
Pittsburgh Central CatholicLuka DePasqualePO3QUAL2nd @ M&M Invitational1st @ Pgh Winter2nd @ N Catholic
Pittsburgh Central CatholicAmari SmithDI2No1st @ Moon Area2nd @ N Catholic
Pittsburgh Central CatholicAmari SmithPO1No1st @ M&M Invitational
Pittsburgh Central CatholicMurphy & BrienzaPF1No1st @ Pgh Winter
Pittsburgh Central CatholicElder & CarnahanPF1No4th @ Des Moines Tournavelt
Pittsburgh Central CatholicSantino BalistrieriLD1No2nd @ N Catholic
Pittsburgh Central CatholicEric FredetteLD1No2nd @ La Salle
Pittsburgh Central CatholicFiorente PampenaINF1No2nd @ N Catholic
Pittsburgh Central CatholicXavier RamirezEX1No2nd @ M&M Invitational
RiversideWilliam LovinPR1No1st @ William Tennent
Seton La SalleMargaret BrownHI3QUAL1st @ Shady Side1st @ Pgh Winter1st @ N Catholic
Seton La SalleMurphy SofrankoPR2No3rd @ Pgh Winter1st @ N Catholic
Seton La SalleKatie DarcyPR1No2nd @ Pgh Winter
Seton La SalleThomas RodriguezPR1No4th @ Pgh Winter
Seton La SalleSarah DemelPO1No4th @ N Catholic
Shady SideCrystal MaPR3QUAL2nd @ Moon Area1st @ Pgh Winter3rd @ N Catholic
Shady SideTucker-Hill & ZengPAR1No1st @ Shady Side
Southern LehighEvelyn WangOO3QUAL1st @ Dallastown Wildcat2nd @ Phillipsburg3rd @ Summit
Southern LehighQuinn DoyleLD3QUAL5th @ Dallastown Wildcat5th @ Villiger 421st @ Summit
St Joseph's PrepAnthony HaysEX1No3rd @ PCFL 1
Strath HavenSupraja SudarsanOO2No2nd @ Villiger 423rd @ NYC Invitational
Strath HavenSupraja SudarsanHI2No4th @ Yale1st @ Princeton
Strath HavenSupraja SudarsanPER1No1st @ William Tennent
Strath HavenEmily ShorPER1No2nd @ La Salle
Strath HavenAva ManakerLD1No3rd @ Princeton
Strath HavenLydia PitaLD1No3rd @ La Salle
Strath HavenJason HuHI1No1st @ La Salle
UnionvilleChirag ChoudharyEX4QUAL1st @ Dallastown Wildcat6th @ Villiger 422nd @ Princeton
Upper St ClairSaif DurraniLD4QUAL1st @ Moon Area1st @ Shady Side1st @ Pgh Winter
Upper St ClairMaya TalaselaPO3QUAL1st @ Moon Area2nd @ Shady Side3rd @ Pgh Winter
Upper St ClairBacdayan & KethavathPF3QUAL5th @ Ridge Debate1st @ Capitol Beltway Fall1st @ Holiday Classic
Upper St ClairKulkarni & PatelPAR2No2nd @ Shady Side1st @ N Catholic
Upper St ClairPriyasha ItaniOO2No1st @ M&M Invitational1st @ Moon Area
Upper St ClairAnushka SharmaPO1No4th @ Pgh Winter
Upper St ClairMcCurrie & RankinPF1No2nd @ Pgh Winter
Upper St ClairVilensky & ChenPF1No2nd @ N Catholic
Upper St ClairNowak & MillerPAR1No2nd @ N Catholic
Upper St ClairSambhav SaggiLD1No1st @ Moon Area
Upper St ClairCameron WeberEX1No2nd @ Moon Area
Upper St ClairMatthew HrehocikEX1No1st @ Pgh Winter
Upper St ClairShivani JajooCOM1No1st @ Shady Side
West AlleghenyJiya VaidyaPR3QUAL1st @ Moon Area1st @ Shady Side2nd @ N Catholic